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We cannot create a Veteran-serving neighborhood on the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus without your help. It will require partnerships with the Veteran community, service partners, our neighbors, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. There are ways to help us craft the West Los Angeles Veterans Community Plan, as well as be a partner for implementing and sustaining this future Veteran-serving neighborhood.


Help Refine the Community Plan

The West LA Veterans Collective will consistently be engaging the Veterans community, service partners, and neighbors to shape the Community Plan.

We are currently inquiring "What makes a neighborhood?" with questions related to the amenities that might best serve Veteran residents, as well as inquiry into ideas on what this neighborhood might be called in the future.
Please take a few moments to take this online survey.

Become a Partner

As the Community Plan starts becoming a reality, we will be building a backbone organization of local partners and service providers to collectively support our residents and the larger Veteran community as this neighborhood becomes a beacon for the Los Angeles region. If you have not already met the West LA Veterans Collective, please reach out to us at

MEDIA & Press Releases

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WLAVA News and Updates

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Learn more about the town center concept



We look forward to engaging community members and partners as social distancing permits in the future.


Help us create a Veteran-serving neighborhood
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